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Alot I see my cat of 14 , years. Sometimes I cant find her. Other times I see her and its a regular day. I dream I need to call someone and cant find my phone. At times I keep buying phones then lose them or cant remember the phone number to anyone. Recently im having a sequence dream each night I got some much needed paperwork mostly done. Wonder if it be on topic tonight? At the current age of 18, for the past 12 years of my life I have not had a "normal" dream.

I do love the subject matter of dreams resolving from a hidden memory that the waking conscience can not reach, as I am a firm believer in the world of spiritual and chakra system. A little embarrassing to admit, but firm belief. I've read the comments, yet mine The "dream" I have had is in a way a complete different existence to me. I went to sleep in the real life, but when I entered my dream state I was in some unknown landscape, very fantasy like, put simply large mountainous terrain, villages and castles, a peculiar vibrant cobalt blue sky, and a lot more.

What's unique to this, or some of it is I was the same age there as I was in real life, but different body, different name, but.. Now it was fully lucid, to the point I had full control, but characters led me throughout this world and welcomed me home. Only later until my 12th birthday did I learn what my "importance" there was.

I'll leave it there, but it is a truly interesting, and confusing to me none-the less. But If this would to stem from a part of memory that the waking body can not see, then possibly is this a memory or connection to a seperate existence? There are times where it feels that and this is connected, then suddenly not. All my drawings are based off of vivid memories of the landscapes I have seen, or the languages I've learned, tools, people etc.

I know this comment is long, I do apologize for that, I would like help with this as much detail as there is I cannot explain it in one small text-box. Ever since these "dreams" keep going, my own waking conscience has been more perceptive, senses have increased, and it feels like my body is weaker, but spirit is stronger. Its truly is a weird concept to myself. But I believe it fits with the "Hidden cache" for dreams. If anyone would like to know, comment. Again I apologize for the long comment.

Have a wonderful day. Patrick McNamara, Ph. The dream within a dream may be a hybrid sleep-wake state of consciousness.

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Research suggests narcolepsy—and lucid dreaming—are linked to higher creativity. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine.

MAN OF HER DREAMS: S01E01 - I Have A Dream

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Mystery 15 There are 15 cards are available within the Any Man filter. Romance There are cards are available within the Any Man filter. Sports 1 There are 1 cards are available within the Any Man filter. Western 3 There are 3 cards are available within the Any Man filter. Gomme's source: The Saturday Review , December 28, Upsall Castle England Many years ago there resided in the village of Upsall a man who dreamed three nights successively that if he went to London Bridge he would hear of something greatly to his advantage.

He went, traveling the whole distance from Upsall to London on foot. Arrived there, he took his station on the bridge, where he waited till his patience was nearly exhausted, and the idea that he had acted a very foolish part began to arise in his mind. At length he was accosted by a Quaker, who kindly inquired what he was waiting there so long for. After some hesitation, he told his dreams. The Quaker laughed at his simplicity, and told him that he had had that night a very curious dream himself, which was, that if he went and dug under a certain bush in Upsall Castle in Yorkshire, he would find a pot of gold; but he did not know where Upsall was, and inquired of the countryman if he knew, who, seeing some advantage in secrecy, pleaded ignorance of the locality; and then, thinking his business in London was completed, returned immediately home, dug beneath the bush, and there he found a pot filled with gold, and on the cover an inscription in a language he did not understand.

The pot and cover were, however, preserved at the village inn, where one day a bearded stranger like a Jew made his appearance, saw the pot, and read the inscription, the plain English of which was:. The man of Upsall, hearing this, resumed his spade, returned to the bush, dug deeper, and found another pot filled with gold far more valuable than the first. Encouraged by this, he dug deeper still, and found another yet more valuable.

This story has been related of other places, but Upsall appears to have as good a claim to this yielding of hidden treasure as the best of them. Here we have the constant tradition of the inhabitants, and the identical bush still remains beneath which the treasure was found -- an elder near the northwest corner of the ruins.

Dundonald Castle Scotland In Ayrshire, the following rhyme is prevalent, and is probably very old:. According to tradition, it was built by a hero named Donald Din, or Din Donald, and constructed entirely of stone, without the use of wood, a supposition countenanced by the appearance of the building, which consists of three distinct stories, arched over with strong stonework, the roof of one forming the floor of another. Donald, the builder, was originally a poor man, but had the faculty of dreaming lucking dreams. Upon one occasion he dreamed, thrice in one night, that if he were to go to London Bridge, he would become a wealthy man.

He went accordingly, saw a man looking over the parapet of the bridge, whom he accosted courteously, and, after a little conversation, entrusted with the secret of the occasion of his coming to London Bridge. The stranger told him that he had made a very foolish errand, for he himself had once had a similar vision, which direct him to go to a certain spot in Ayrshire, in Scotland, where he would find a vast treasure, and, for his part, he had never once thought of obeying the injunction.

From his description of the spot, the sly Scotsman at once perceived that the treasure in question must be concealed in no other place than his own humble kail-yard [cabbage patch] at home, to which he immediately repaired, in full expectation of finding it. Nor was he disappointed; for, after destroying many good and promising cabbages, and completely cracking credit with his wife, who esteemed him mad, he found a large potful of gold coin, with the proceeds of which he built a stout castle for himself, and became the founder of a flourishing family.

Note by Chambers: Dundonald Castle, the scene of King Robert's early attachment and nuptials with the fair Elizabeth Mure , is situated in Kyle-Stewart, of which, from the remotest period, it appears to have been the chief messuage, about six miles southwest of Rowallan, and approaching within about a mile of the Firth of Clyude. Its situation, on the summit of a beautiful round hill, in the close vicinity of Dundonald Church, is singularly noble and baronial.

Although evidently of considerable antiquity, yet certainly another of still greatly more remote origin to the present castle of Dundonald once occupied the same site. To the more remote building may allude the following rude rhyme, if it be not altogether a piece of rustic wit of recent times: There stands a castle in the west, They ca' it Donald Din; There's no nail in a' its proof, Nor yet a wooden pin.

Why Can't I Remember My Dreams When I Wake Up?

King Robert died at Dundonald Castle anno Johnson and Mr. Boswell visited the ruins on their return from the Hebrides; and the former laughed outright at the idea of a Scottish monarch being accommodated, with his court, in so narrow a mansion. So he went, and when he got there he began to dig, and another man came to him and said, "What are you doing? And the other man said, "I dreamed that I was back in the lil' islan' an' I was at a house with a thorn tree at the chimley of it, and if I would dig there I would find a fortune. But I wouldn' go, for it was only foolishness. When he got home he dug under the little thorn tree by the chimney and he found an iron box.

He opened the box, and it was full of gold, and there was a letter in it, but he could not read the letter because it was in a foreign language. So he put it in the smithy window and challenged any scholar who went by to read it. None of them could, but at last one big boy said it was Latin and it meant, "Dig again and you'll find another. And from that day till the day of his death, that man used to open the front door before going to bed, and call out, "My blessing with the Little Fellows!

Themselves and Little Fellows are circumlocutions for fairies , who do not like to be referred to directly. Dreaming Tim Jarvis Ireland Timothy Jarvis was a decent, honest, quiet, hard-working man, as every body knows that knows Balledehob. Now Balledehob is a small place, about forty miles west of Cork. It is situated on the summit of a hill, and yet it is in a deep valley; for on all sides there are lofty mountains that rise one above another in barren grandeur, and seem to look down with scorn upon the little busy village, which they surround with their idle and unproductive magnificence.

Man and beast have alike deserted them to the dominion of the eagle, who soars majestically over them.

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  • On the highest of those mountains there is a small, and as is commonly believed, unfathomable lake, the only inhabitant of which is a huge serpent, who has been sometimes seen to stretch its enormous head above the waters, and frequently is heard to utter a noise which shakes the very rocks to their foundation. But, as I was saying, everybody knew Tim Jarvis to be a decent, honest, quiet, hard-working man, who was thriving enough to be able to give his daughter Nelly a fortune of ten pounds; and Tim himself would have been snug enough besides, but that he loved the drop sometimes.

    However, he was seldom backward on rent day. His ground was never distrained but twice, and both times through a small bit of a mistake; and his landlord had never but once to say to him, "Tim Jarvis, you're all behind, Tim, like the cow's tail. The grey dawn of the morning would see Tim digging away in a bog-hole, maybe, or rooting under some old stone walls like a pig. At last he dreamt that he found a mighty great crock of gold and silver, and where, do you think?


    Every step of the way upon London Bridge, itself! Twice Tim dreamt it, and three times Tim dreamt the same thing; and at last he made up his mind to transport himself, and go over to London, in Pat Mahoney's coaster; and so he did! Well, he got there, and found the bridge without much difficulty.

    Every day he walked up and down looking for the crock of gold, but never the find did he find it. One day, however, as he was looking over the bridge into the water, a man, or something like a man, with great black whiskers, like a Hessian, and a black cloak that reached down to the ground, taps him on the shoulder, and says he, "Tim Jarvis, do you see me? So, swearing a bitter big oath, says he, "By all the crosses in a yard of check, I always thought there was money in that same field!

    Norah, as may well be supposed, had no very warm welcome for her runaway husband -- the dreaming blackguard, as she called him -- and so soon as she set eyes upon him, all the blood of her body in one minute was into her knuckles to be at him; but Tim, after his long journey, looked so cheerful and so happy-like, that she could not find it in her heart to give him the first blow!

    He managed to pacify his wife by two or three broad hints about a new cloak and a pair of shoes, that, to speak honestly, were much wanting to her to go to chapel in; and decent clothes for Nelly to go to the patron with her sweetheart, and brogues for the boys, and some corduroy for himself. The first night that Tim could summon courage to begin his work, he walked off to the field with his spade upon his shoulder; and away he dug all night by the side of the furze bush, till he came to a big stone.

    He struck his spade against it, and he heard a hollow sound; but as the morning had begun to dawn, and the neighbors would be going out to their work, Tim, not wishing to have the thing talked about, went home to the little hovel, where Norah and the children were huddled together under a heap of straw; for he had sold everything he had in the world to purchase Driscoll's field, that was said to be "the back-bone of the world, picked by the devil. Epithets and reproaches which Tim had but one mode of answering, as thus: "Norah, did you see e'er a cow you'd like?

    The moment he jumped down into the pit he heard a strange rumbling noise under him, and so, putting his ear against the great stone, he listened, and overheard a discourse that made the hair on his head stand up like bulrushes, and every limb tremble. Tim shook like a potato blossom in a storm. In about an hour, however, the life came back into him, and he crept home to Norah.

    When the next night arrived the hopes of the crock of gold got the better of his fears, and takings care to arm himself with a bottle of potheen, away he went to the field. Jumping into the pit, he took a little sup from the bottle to keep his heart up -- he then took a big one -- and then, with desperate wrench, he wrenched up the stone. All at once, up rushed a blast of wind, wild and fierce, and down fell Tim -- down, down, and down he went -- until he thumped upon what seemed to be, for all the world, like a floor of sharp pins, which made him bellow out in earnest.

    Then he heard a whisk and a hurra, and instantly voices beyond number cried out: Welcome, Tim Jarvis, dear! Welcome, down here! Then something pulled Tim by the hair of his head, and dragged him, he did not know how far, but he knew he was going faster than the wind, for he heard it behind him, trying to keep up with him, and it could not.

    On, on, on, he went, till all at once, and suddenly, he was stopped, and somebody came up to him, and said, "Well, Tim Jarvis, and how do you like your ride? I thank your honor," said Tim; "and 'twas a good beast I rode, surely! The finest dressed and the biggest of them all went up to Tim, and says he, "Tim Jarvis, because you are a decent, honest, quiet, civil, well-spoken man," says he, "and know how to behave yourself in strange company, we've altered our minds about you, and will find a neighbor of yours that will do just as well to give to the old serpent.

    What will you say, Tim, and what will you do with them? I'd make a grand lady, you see, at once of Norah -- she has been a good wife to me. We'll have a nice bit of pork for dinner; and, maybe, I'd have a glass, or maybe two glasses; or sometimes, if 'twas with a friend, or acquaintance, or gossip, you know, three glasses every day; and I'd build a new cabin; and I'd have a fresh egg every morning, myself, for my breakfast; and I'd snap my fingers at the 'squire, and beat his hounds, if they'd come coursing through my fields; and I'd have a new plow; and Norah, your honor, should have a new cloak, and the boys should have shoes and stockings as well as Biddy Leary's brats -- that's my sister what was -- and Nelly should marry Bill Long of Affadown; and, your honor, I'd have some corduroy for myself to make breeches, and a cow, and a beautiful coat with shining buttons, and a horse to ride, or maybe two.

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    I'd have every thing," said Tim, "in life, good or bad, that is to be got for love or money -- hurra-whoop! When the little people perceived this, they cried out, "Go home, Tim Jarvis, go home, and think yourself a lucky man. He rubbed his eyes with his two thumbs -- and where was he? The bush was under him, and the great flag-stone that he had wrenched up, as he thought, was lying, as if it was never stirred, by his side: the whiskey bottle was drained to the last drop; and the pit was just as his spade had made it. Tim Jarvis, vexed, disappointed, and almost heart-broken, followed his wife home; and, strange to say, from that night he left off drinking, and dreaming, and delving in bog-holes, and rooting in old caves.

    He took again to his hard working habits, and was soon able to buy back his little cabin and former potato garden, and to get all the enjoyment he anticipated from the fairy gold. Give Tim one or, at most, two glasses of whiskey punch and neither friend, acquaintance, or gossip can make him take more , and he. Indeed it is worth going to Balledehob to hear him tell it. He always pledges himself to the truth of every word with his forefingers crossed; and when he comes to speak of the loss of his guineas, he never fails to console himself by adding: "If they stayed with me I wouldn't have luck with them, sir; and father O'Shea told me 'twas as well for me they were changed, for if they hadn't, they'd have burned holes in my pocket, and got out that way.

    Link to additional legends of fairy abduction: Abducted by Aliens. The Bridge of the Kist Ireland There was once a man the name of Michael Hugh, and he was tormented with dreams of a kist was buried in under a bridge in England. For awhile he took no heed to the visions were with him in the stillness of the night, but at long last the notion grew in his mind that he be to visit that place and find out was there anything in it. He was a twelvemonth travelling and rambling with no success to rise his heart, and he began for to consider he had better return to his own place.

    But just as he was making ready to turn didn't he chance on a strong flowing river, and the sight near left his eyes when he found it was spanned by the bridge he was after dreaming of.