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Double Feature by Aislinn Kerry. Harmony by Karis Walsh. Hell's Pawn by Jay Bell. Isolation Play by Kyell Gold. Jane Doe by Lisa Girolami. And well-written. Though the main relationship between Ginger and Camila is extremely fast-paced, the quickness is pretty easily overlooked. Nyandoro is not a child, and she will do anything to prove it. But Duni has a life of her own, and Nyandoro has a fate she did not agree to. Love might not be as simple as Nyandoro initially anticipated. Lena Newman has never really been in love before, but that was before Juliet James started going to her school.

The novel was basically long pages of pining, cuddling, and love. I will say that the ending was a little shocking and very differently paced from the rest of the novel. Despite its faults, the book was very sweet overall. Happy reading! Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Girls Who Bite , please sign up. Lists with This Book.

Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Sep 29, Siren's Song rated it it was amazing. So, I open the book and I'm expecting so many great things from the huge lineup of awesome authors and guess what You had doubts?

Ah, I'm ashamed. Seriously, there truly was not one story I didn't love. But, then I had to debate my approach to the review Well, in all honesty, they are very short and it is quite possible that I'd give away too much of one of these beauties. So, I decided to pick a few that stood out.

Believe me, with this line up, that is an amazing task. In no particular order, here are the stories that touched me and why: Al Dente by Delphine Dryden Now, I bet you think it's because it was totally rockin' hot. Well, it was, but that's not why I loved this one. It was the author's ability to capture the realism without turning my stomach. I'm a huge fan of horror and all things icky, so when the vamps started picking things out of their teeth, I knew I'd found a new author to stalk.

Sorry, Ms. Dryden, I will be watching you. La Caida by Anna Meadows Admittedly, this one took me a little longer to read, but there is something very poetic in the author's voice. The story was fresh and borderline gothic fantasy. I know, it sounds like a crazy combo, but it's actually one of my faves. The heroine's innocense draws you in and takes you to a younger placebut so not in a creepy way. Loved, this story and the rich world the author created.

The Gift of Lilith by Mila Jackson This very contemp paranormal had an urban flair mixed with a little chick-lit. I know it's just my take. I know you probably think it must have been all over the place, but really it just had what every woman wants And it made me cry.

When's the last time 2Kish did that for you? Okay, I could go on and on and on, but I know you guys have other stories to read about. I hope that you'll give this very hot, very fresh anthology a try, even if you're not "into" girls. This will definitely give you a different perspective into the world of lesbian erotica and I'm glad I spent my first time with Ms. Devlin's beautiful choices. Absolutely a 5 STAR rating and will definitely recommend to everyone. Sep 23, Trinity Tarrow rated it really liked it.

This not normally my genre of reading, but the stories were done so well I found it hard to put down. With the exception of a couple stories, which were more because of my own tastes, the anthology was put together very well and the stories within the cover very intriguing. I highly recommend this book, even if lesbian vampires are not something you would normally pick up. View 1 comment. Oct 30, Romancing the Book rated it it was amazing Shelves: erotica , paranormal. I came across a few and they were good, but when I read the blurb for this Reviewed by Stephanie O Book provided by publisher Cover Drool!

I came across a few and they were good, but when I read the blurb for this one, well I thought I died and went to heaven. When I actually read it, I knew I found the hope I was looking for. A world that gave women the freedom to explore, and there were vampires in it too! Absolutely Amazing! Packed with heat, sexuality, and darkness. This book deliveries on so many levels. Let me see if I can give you a few ideas of why this book is so hot: Blood Wicked: Women of the uniform. Enough said. Try not to lick any of the evidence. Very well put together book that shows in a tasteful, paranormal way of women loving other women.

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I will be spreading the word of this book to my friends. Jun 21, Mad Giles Giles A. Here, Take a Taste 3. Even with vampire stories being a personal favorite of mine these editorial and formatting snafus repeatedly took me out of the story. That being said, I still found enough quirky spins on a well known subject to keep me reading until the last page. Apr 24, Garren rated it liked it. EH, it's exactly what it says it is. Pretty much girl porn. Even though they're short stories I expected a little more development than just wham-bam thank-you-ma'am encounters.

Nov 18, Jean Roberta rated it really liked it. Vampire fiction has been a growth industry since Anne Rice changed the terms with her first novel, Interview with the Vampire, in Lesbian vampire fiction has a history that even predates Dracula. Now that vampire fiction could take up a long shelf in the horror section of your local bookstore or on-line bookseller , are lesbian vampir Vampire fiction has been a growth industry since Anne Rice changed the terms with her first novel, Interview with the Vampire, in Now that vampire fiction could take up a long shelf in the horror section of your local bookstore or on-line bookseller , are lesbian vampires as scary as they used to be?

Yes and no. The title of this book is either disappointing or meant to be provocative. This is probably the point, meant to be ironic. The central characters in a collection of lesbian vampire erotica are supposed to make the reader squirm. They are supposed to seem threatening, even creepy, but also sexy as hell.