Prayer Can Change Your Marriage

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The Power of Prayer to Change Your Marriage helps husbands or wives pray to protect their relationship from 14 serious problems that can lead to unsatisfying marriages or even divorce. For those who are already struggling in these areas, this book will help them find healing and restoration. No stranger to struggles in her 34 years of marriage, Stormie looks at these topics and more in the straightforward, hopeful manner readers have come to trust.

As always, readers will find Bible verses and personal prayers they can use as powerful resources to help their marriages last a lifetime. Stormie and her husband, Michael, have The Power of Prayer to Change Your Marriage is not just for people whose marriages are in trouble; it's for anyone who wants to get to a deeper level of understanding of what makes a marriage thrive.

The Power of Prayer to Change Your Marriage by Stormie Omartian, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

Her passion for prayer inspires me over and over again to…pray harder! Her words are thoughtful are gentle yet spiritual. She approaches her subject mindful of her own experiences. The Power of Prayer to Change Your Marriage will be helpful to strong marriages and those struggling with problems.

Stormie tells it like it is, and then tells us how to fix it! Always scripturally based, and full of prayer suggestions and Bible verses, to aim us for the battle. Stormie has a wonderful combination of accessibility and authority. Leighann McCoy: Yes, he did. Joe Beam: All kinds of things.

Benefits of prayer beyond the obvious

Leighann McCoy: So be honest about, but then, before the Lord, put yourself then back in a proper place where you recognize that God loves that person too. What the Lord did with me when I was at a place of praying that way is He reminded me that at the foot of the cross the ground was even. There was not a hill here for me and a ditch there for them because they had done this horrible thing to me in my life, but it was even ground.

The only way I could be right in that place would be if the Lord allowed my heart to be settled about that person. Joe Beam: Actually I have encouraged people to pray like that.

Whatever those things might be. Joe Beam: But you can actually ask for tough things when your heart is okay.


They have too much money so I pray that somebody gets fired. It is important how you enter into that place of prayer. One of the most significant parts of that is to always enter into prayer and spend a little bit of time being mindful of who God is and who we are. Joe Beam, you know how a child comes to a loving parent- if they know that you love them, they come unreservedly asking for what they want.

Joe Beam: Are you trying to say then that God may not want my marriage to get back together? Leighann McCoy: No. Joe Beam: On a previous podcast you mentioned praying for a wayward spouse, and you made a specific statement: Pray them into the pigpen. Then, the father does an interesting thing. The father stays and he watches, and he waits for the son to come back home. So, where was it that the son came to his senses? The son came to his senses when things were not going well, when there was a famine and all he had left to do was to eat the leftovers from what the pigs had-.

Leighann McCoy: -Yes, that he had been feeding them. But could we trust God enough to pray Divine pain? The kind of pain that God knows, He knows how much is enough, and how messy it has to get, and then trust God with that. Could we pray for that to happen in their lives so that they can open their eyes and understand? Joe Beam: They come to their senses. Leighann McCoy: Right, not that. You should pray them into the pigpen.

You Can Pray to Save Your Marriage, But God Won’t Give You This

Joe Beam: Sometimes we hear this when a husband or a wife contacts us. This may might have thought he heard God say that, but God would not say that because everything we read in Scripture reveals to us the character of God and the instructions of God. God has a high value in regard for covenant relationship.

If your husband and you had this covenant relationship before God and a commitment there, then that is a God-honored thing. So God would not say that. Now that does not mean that your spouse is not completely convinced that God did say that. Beam said this.

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This is what God wants me to do. Why do you blame this on to me? Which says the marriage bed should be undefiled.

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  6. Joe Beam: That God, in Malachi 3, hates divorce. Joe Beam: Interestingly three or four years ago, a man who had been an elder in his church. Leighann McCoy: You should still remain with God! We should allow God to help us make sense of that, to restore perhaps what is a broken heart.

    Joe Beam: I was officiating at a wedding of two celebrities, both of whom were very good Christian people who love Jesus. Both went through horrendous divorces where each of them fought hard to save their marriage. Joe Beam: They had fought hard for their first marriages, they did everything they could but still went through a divorce.

    Leighann McCoy: You can find courses, all kinds of blog posts.