How to Gain Assurance in Your Marketing and Advertising Techniques

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Books by Shahab Zargari. No trivia or quizzes yet. To start, it is necessary to quantify or at least visualise the landscape that links the multiple elements of business assurance to multiple types of trust. To understand the impact of one on the other, we need to qualify the ways in which a customer engages digitally or otherwise with a business. A suggested landscape view is shown below, where three high-level dimensions identified as customer engagement , customer behaviour and digital experience are aligned to the buy , use and share phases of the TM Forum Frameworx suite of standards and best practices.

Most of the circles are self-explanatory with perhaps the exception of customer advancement which is aimed directly at increasing value to the customer.

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When matching business assurance dimensions to these, organizations can see not only which components will impact that relationship, but they can also create a foundation for developing metrics associated with them. The graphic below shows types of trust based on publicly available information limited mostly to academic research and isolated trial data.

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Both are mapped to six out of the eight types of business assurance, the exceptions being cost and assets assurance, which are not placed here but can be seen as having a direct impact on how much customers are charged and therefore can result in adverse customer sentiment and degrade the perceived customer value and consequently advancement. Besides information and images the experience a prospect or client encounters on each channel should be consistent. Respond to messages, tweets, emails and phone calls in the same tone and communicating the same information.

The experience of each client or prospect should be the same regardless of when, where or how they find you.

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You would never want to miss out on a client because they called the wrong number or sent a message to the incorrect email. Avoid this by taking the time required to maintain a consistent brand.

Do you know where your phone is? Mobile use is steadily on the rise with users spending upwards of 5 hours a day on their mobile devices. To meet the growing mobile audience, focus on having a responsive website so users who visit via mobile or tablet have just as great of an experience as those using a desktop computer.

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And there are a lot of internet users on their phones. Internet users spend 51 percent of their time on mobile or tablet compared to 48 percent on a desktop. Avoid causing hassle for clients and prospects and make improving your mobile experience a priority this year.

If you have a database full of bad contacts, then all of the effort put into crafting and sending newsletters goes to waste. Receiving too many bounces, unsubscribes or spam reports and your sender reputation and your ability to even make it into the inbox will also plummet. Having clean data impacts your email deliverability as well as your ability to expand your reach.

As an insurance agent, managing a healthy pipeline of clients and prospects is essential to growing your business. You have a long list of tasks you do on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis, which means it can be difficult to find time for generating and sharing content in addition to following up with past clients.

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