Getting Miss Muffet Off Her Tuffet (Go Girl)

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I bet he did!!!!

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Cleverbot: I actually have never been to. Here's how this works. Or make a mix of all of them.

CRAIG BROWN: Get off your tuffet, Little Miss Muffet!

Please give a quick description of what they're like as well. Remember to answer these questions creatively and link back to me when you're done. Three, seven and eleven all go to the nail salon to get their nails done. What goes on? Four arranges six a blind date. Who do they pick for six, and what happens? It's twelve's birthday and one comes over.

Little Miss Muffet By 4 years Old Meitei Girl :)

What does one get twelve? Seven, two and five all go to a football ga. You are jealous of my awesome-chick-magnet bird aren't you?!? You frowned, "You can just shut your mouth.

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The hottest place you've ever visited. Your School. Your Dentist's. A Pavlova. A Chocolate Cake. Tarte Tatin. A Boston Cream Pie.

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  5. A Chocolate Lava Cake. A Buccellato.

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