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I had to kill at least six hours though, so I decided to visit a friend a few neighborhoods away. It was a beautiful summer day, and we went to an open-air market and then to a park to lie on the grass. We lay down under a tree. The leaves rustled overhead, and beautiful sunshine peeked out from between them. I had complete confidence in the rock star. Dreaming of a bedbug-free apartment, I passed out cold. I came to a couple of hours later, my friend vegged out beside me. My whole body ached. My friend woke up and we hung out a little while longer. Then I went home.

Everything looked the same, except that in a few places I could see a subtle coating of white powder. Any pesticides had been discreetly applied, as promised. I called Furman and asked him how it had seemed. So my gut had been right.

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They had not been gone. It was July 14, , and it appeared that my battle was over. I would have to wait at least 60 days before buying new furniture not that I could imagine doing that at the moment and keep the heating-and-bagging protocols in place for about the same amount of time. The rule of thumb is that you can consider yourself bed bug free if you go 60 days without a bite.

Furman was going to come back a month later to re-treat, which is necessary since the eggs usually escape the slaughter, and the hatchlings, known as nymphs a misnomer if I ever heard one , need to be obliterated as well. As far as I knew, I was free! He and a team of scientists at a secret underground base must figure out who is behind the attack. Their only hope may be Project Chronos, the world's first operational time machine. Jeff and his team need to find a way to go back in time and warn humanity of the coming apocalypse. But what can they do when the very air they breathe can kill them, an overwhelming malevolent force is hunting them, and a traitor is undermining their efforts at every turn?

It's a fight for survival throughout time with humanity's past, present, and future at stake. Product Details About the Author. Many readers genuinely love the fast pace and thought provoking concepts. I am the Founder of three discount book promotion websites, BookBarbarian. If you want a daily dose of free and discounted novels, go to any of these sites and sign up for free. In , at the height of the financial crisis, I left a high stress job in investment banking, sold my possessions, and moved to an exotic foreign country to be with the woman I love.

I currently live in the sun baked Caribbean port city of Cartagena, Colombia with my beautiful wife and two children. Show More.

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