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The story seemed to lose a sense of control, I had no clue how it would end I have questions!! Jul 22, JK rated it did not like it. I read Thomson's The Five Gates of Hell back in January and really enjoyed it, so I was looking forward to getting my teeth into this one.

Unfortunately, I've been left feeling extremely disappointed. It was an interesting premise to begin with - the United Kingdom being divided into four countries, and people being herded into different areas depending on their personality. I think Thomson could have done a lot with this idea, but for me it fell flat quite quickly. Although the book was set in a I read Thomson's The Five Gates of Hell back in January and really enjoyed it, so I was looking forward to getting my teeth into this one.

Although the book was set in a dystopian, alternate future, very little was given in order to deem this world plausible even in the slightest. The main character is very two-dimensional, at times almost inhuman. He barely seems to register the ordeals he experiences, and he seems to have the emotional range of a teaspoon.

Towards the end of the novel, Thomson introduces a somewhat supernatural aspect that seems to do nothing but point to the possibility that our author was struggling to come up with a suitable ending, or was faltering in his ability to continue the tale. This plot twist does absolutely nothing to add to the novel's already poor believability, and just made me feel a bit uncomfortable and awkward.

The Divided Kingdom

I really wouldn't recommend this; I was looking for it to be an exciting political thriller that also delves deep into the intricacy of human nature and relationships, but instead I got a dull story of a man's decline. Also, the ending was weak and I was left feeling as though I had wasted my time. I'm hoping to try another of Thomson's novels in the near future, and hopefully I'll be able to reestablish my respect for his writing. A totally fanscinating premise, which was then pissed away in the last pages of aimless running around.

Too many descriptions of weather and dreams. Where to begin with Divided Kingdom? It is, as it turns out, about a possible dystopian future, where the United Kingdom has been divided into four factions, each independent of one another. Each faction is filled with people who represent different personality types.

Th Where to begin with Divided Kingdom? The ruling political parties simply decide to try an experiment - every single person in the U. Families are separated, never to speak to one another again, and walls are built up, in an effort to curb a rising violent and volatile society. The concept is entirely fascinating. From there, things get messy and strange as he finds himself questioning the division between people. I liked the story, overall.

I liked the ideas underpinning the entire book. This is about his journey to self-realisation and an understanding of what is actually happening around him in his world. Problem is, I've never read any that I found worthwhile. What's the point in trying to empathise with a protagonist without passion, barely affected by even the most terrible of events? Also, the social division based on medieval humours strikes me as exceedingly facile, something fun to work out on the back of a coaster, not turn into a page book.

The most baffling aspect of this book to me is that the author somehow seems to think it wouldn't be the worst of ideas, as apparently his four 'kingdoms' are actually shaped by this oversimplified categorisation. At any rate, readers interested in a dystopia based on arbitrary and overly simple categories are much better served by something like Jasper Fforde's Shades of Grey.

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Nov 27, Patrick St-Amand rated it liked it. I can identify with the protagonist who leaves behind his established life to follow his heart. I don't mind those type of stories but the majority of the book is rooted in some type of reality and all of a sudden the author feels the need to add a fantastic element to it.

I seemed to care less for the fate of our narrator. I still like the book but wished for something better. Jul 16, Paul rated it it was ok. Intriguing idea but the author doesn't really do anything with it. And obviously if you think about the proposal of segregating people by class geographically for longer than 30 seconds it's rather absurd.

OK, they call it humours but it's just class, like we have today except without border guards. Who's going to clean the houses of all the upper class in the red quarter? But I would've gone with it if there was any story to go with it. Feb 07, Jill Bowman rated it liked it. This has a really interesting premise but - well written as it is- I'm just not meant for dystopian fiction.

I found it depressing and at some parts just began drifting off. This says more about me than about the book. Rupert Thompson is an excellent author. If this is your style you'll probably LOVE it. Nov 20, Shelly Klee rated it it was ok.

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This book had a lot of promise. It could have bee a cross between and Divergent. But about a third of the way in, the character starts making unexplained out of character decisions and the book goes downhill from there, ending with a whimper. Lack of character development. A plot that loses all focus. Two stars is generous. Aug 19, Rebecca rated it it was ok Shelves: dnf. Did not have enough of a plot or interesting enough world-building to keep my interest.

DNF'd a little more than halfway through. Jan 14, Philip rated it liked it. Perhaps too big a subject. Apr 20, Anji rated it it was ok. Mar 22, Erin Goettsch rated it it was ok. Not in a good way. Feb 02, Ryandake rated it liked it.

See a Problem?

Oct 19, Ian Mapp rated it liked it. Big Ideas - but where is the tension. This is one of those books that is undoubtedly based on a great idea from an intelligent and thought provoking story. However, in the transistion from idea to reality, Thompson has forgotton to create a story with tension that you really get into. Its set in the future and presents a dystopian government who have divided the country and its population into four categories. This has been based on medievel humoral pathology where you are either blood, yellow bil Big Ideas - but where is the tension. This has been based on medievel humoral pathology where you are either blood, yellow bile, black bile or phlegm.

This is interesting when adopted to presonalaties - as I couldn't remember what they represented. Maybe along with the map of how the UK is split, they could have done with a reminded on the attributes.

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So the book - this big concept is wrapped into the story of a protagonist you is taken from his family in the night. Not really sure why he wants to escape - but he does. So he manages to travel to the other three areas of the country and embark on a series of experiences before returning to his original phelgmatic location as one of the white people who roam, uncategorised and sometimes persecuted. There is some great imagary in these adventures including the museum of tears, the night club where you choose a door have have different drug enhanced experiences and the burning of the animals festival in a northern pub.

The main drawback of the book is its inherent complicated premise and a lack of characterisation of the main character - why does he escape and as interesting as some of the set pieces are - what are they about. And the introduction of the white people seems a complete afterthought.

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This, combined with pages, makes it not a complete success and not as enjoyable as the book of revelation. Would still read more of his work though. Oct 02, Alexander rated it it was ok. I agree that on the surface this is indeed a 'dystopian' novel. It has the standard beginning -- there is a description of a very different future that hinges on a drastic change made by a totalitarian government. It's supposed to pave the way to paradise but of course the result is dreadful for most of those involved.

But it seems that Mr. He wants to write about human nature. The world he has created, where people are divided by their humor, is just a vehicle he uses to analyze humankind's shared differences and similarities. And it's not awful, but it suffers from some painful flaws. First, the governmental system and the way people act under it borders on preposterous, and Mr. Thomson does little to make the reader feel like it's in any way plausible.

He describes the situation then moves on.

About Divided Kingdom

Next, if he does want to write about humans as emotional beings he should have done more to give his narrator, Thomas Parry, a bit of humanity. Never have I read a page, first-person novel and felt like I knew less about the main character. He's completely two-dimensional Thomson uses to further his thoughts on human nature as a whole. There's more that stretches the reader's patience but I won't get too into it. The novel takes an uncomfortable twist into the supernatural at the end It's like the less and less confident the author is in his plot the more vague and 'mysterious' he gets.

This wasn't a terrible book Of course, as with any story as far fetched as this, the plausibility is thin, like a bubble.

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At times, I have trouble suspending reality, allowing the story to take over, enjoying the product instead of focusing on the How. So I spent a good deal at the beginning wondering how this relocation would have even worked. Jul 11, ISBN Dec 18, ISBN One night a boy who comes to be called Thomas Parry is taken from his family, caught up in a comprehensive unraveling of what had been a united kingdom.

These new partitions are reinforced with concrete barricades and razor wire. Renamed, relocated, and granted favored status, Thomas enjoys one success after another until, working as a devoted civil servant, he suddenly falls out of the system entirely. He creates a glittering palate of characters [with] extraordinary insight into the bizarre psychology that makes us all unique—or makes us all the same—depending on how you see the world.

Divided Kingdom offers. A worthy successor to such iconic nightmares as and A Clockwork Orange. Read An Excerpt. Bible History Online. Then king Rehoboam sent Adoram, who [was] over the tribute; and all Israel stoned him with stones, that he died. Therefore king Rehoboam made speed to get him up to his chariot, to flee to Jerusalem.

So Israel rebelled against the house of David unto this day. And it came to pass, when all Israel heard that Jeroboam was come again, that they sent and called him unto the congregation, and made him king over all Israel" - 1 Kings After Solomon the fame and fortunes of Israel went downhill.