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Liz Gardner is that friend, and she tries to live every day of her life without regret. The frank language and sexual descriptions in the book lend itself nicely to how real people speak and act.

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Looking for a little juicy Hollywood gossip? Interested in who Liz was with last night? Liz won't hold back with anyone, including her mother.

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If you are looking for an easy read that is scandalous and steamy, pick up "Who Got Liz Gardner" and spend a little time with Liz. Kindle Book Giveaway! School, Library or Charity?

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    Who Got Liz Gardner

    Words: , Then she proceeds to send the reader on a courtship ride with more spins, twists and corkscrew turns than the Coney Island Cyclone. By story's end, you will be breathless, white-knuckled and lining up to go again! Published: March 4, Liz, a financial advisor and happily married mother of one, joins a high school website and enters a chat room undetected filled with male classmates she knew thirty years ago. There she witnesses a testosterone-laden dialogue leading to the question " who got Liz Gardner?